25 Twin Stock


1.  All general rules apply.


2. Factory Stock, commercially available garden tractor with cast block engine.  Engine , Chassis, and sheet metal must maintain stock appearance.


3. Must use only OEM available unaltered parts for engine manufacturer.  No performance improving alterations to engine parts allowed unless specifically noted in rules for this class.


4. Modifications to clutch, drive line, and transaxle assembly are allowed to prevent breakage.


5. Maximum horsepower: 25 hp.


6. No welding or modifying of block or cylinder head, Cylinder head must maintain stock combustion chamber lip and head gasket.


7. Maximum bore size is .030 over manufacturer’s standard specifications.


8. No fabricated manifolds, carburetor stand offs, velocity stacks, or spacers allowed.  No two barrel carburetors.


9. Carburetor must be stock, unaltered and unpolished. Choke butterfly and shaft can be removed. Air restricting venture must not exceed stock size for model, horsepower, and configuration.  No gas fuel injection.


10. Engine must be governor controlled, Maximum RPM is 4250, no variance will be allowed.


11. Billet Steel or aluminum flywheels are allowed.  No Welding or machining of cast flywheels.


12. Dead man’s throttle is required.


13. Pro Tires Allowed.


14. 56” Wheel base 96” from Center rear axle forward.


15. Fuel gas or race gas only.  

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