Flag Person

 1. No Drinking

2. Make Sure the track is clear of spectators.

3. Use the Start (green) Flag only when sled operator & tractor driver are ready.

4. Enforce the out-of bounds and lost parts rules, disqualifications must be done, at the time of occurrence not later. A. Out-of-Bounds: Any pulling tractor wheel that touches or crosses over the side lines is out of bounds and must be flagged to the driver’s attention and disqualified. B. Lost Parts: Any part or weight that becomes separated from the pulling tractor while still hooked to the sled must be flagged and disqualified.

5. Unhooking the pulling tractor: 6. Flag Person MUST be in front of Pulling tractor while Flag is out. A. Make sure the drivers of both the pulling tractor and the sled operator are aware of your presences. Unhook only when in your judgment it is safe. Pulling tractor should be in neutral and driver’s hands should be raised.

6. Flag Person Must be in front of pulling tractor at all times.

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