General Track Rules

1. All vehicles must be operated in a safe manner at all times (this includes cars, trucks, tractors, 4 wheelers and other vehicles). All times means on and off the track. Anyone not obeying this rule will be barred from competition for minimum of two years twenty days from the time of offense.

2. The tractor operator must be seated and gripping onto the steering wheel at all times in order to be in control. Minimum of two fingers on the steering wheel.

3. No riders will be allowed on the tractor. One exception to this may be for pull starting, if it isn’t abused.

4. Registration will close 15 minutes before the scheduled pull time. If you are not registered you will not pull. You can pre-register at the end of a pull for the next upcoming pull.

5. Each tractor can only be entered once in a class. Each tractor can be entered in more than one class.

6. Any person that needs help for the first 10ft may be helped, after 10ft the helper must back away until the red flag is thrown (Stock Class & 8 HP Mod only). All other classes Drivers must be able to leave the line on their own.

7. Competitors must be ready to hook to the sled when it is their turn. You will have three minutes; if you are not ready you may ask the track official to drop to last positions. Any delays will mean disqualification.8. All competitors will receive two attempts in which to try to pull the sled beyond 50ft. For Stock classes, all other classes will be 75ft.

8. Once the pull has started there will be no refunds given.

9. If the first three contestants in the class make full pulls, the class will be started over at the sled driver’s discretion.

10. Competitors and their tractors must weigh the class weight or less. If you are reweighed you must be within a ten pound variance or less.

11. All tractors must be pushed on and off the scales.

12. If any tractor tire touches the line or goes out of bounds it results in disqualification NO EXCEPTIONS.

13. All tractors must have readable A.M.P.I. club numbers on both sides or in front of the tractor to get points (no numbers, no points, and no exceptions).

14. Anything or anyone interfering with the hook person while hooking to the sled will be cause for disqualification. 

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