General Tractor Rules

All engines must maintain a factory head bolt pattern.

1. All tractors must be able of stopping themselves.

1. No portion of the tractor may interfere with the sled or the sled hitch during a pull.
2. No trick hitches or cam type rear ends.
3. The minimum drawbar length is 6 inches from the center of the rear wheels to the point of hook and it cannot be adjustable to less than 6 inches.
4. The maximum drawbar height is thirteen inches to the point of hook.
5. The drawbar must be stationary and ridged in all directions.
6. The drawbar must be equipped with a hitching device of a minimum of 1½ inch – 2 inch opening in stock and no more than ¾ inch thick, no less than ½ inch thick. The pulling point may not be more than one inch from the back edge of the pulling device.
Note: A single pin breakaway type drawbar is recommended to eliminate the tipping condition that may occur if the drawbar breaks off and the pull is from the top link or brace fastened above the center line of the rear axle.

1. All tractors in all classes must have stock appearing frames excluding Limited Outlaw Class and Super Stock. Frames must be of original stock material (no aluminum or alloy substitutes) excluding Limited Outlaw Class and Super Stock. If it is necessary to notch the frame, the frame must be reinforced in the notched area.
2. All tractors in all classes must have wide front axles. Front wheels must track within the rear wheels.
3. The front axle may not be extended past the stock frame excluding Limited Outlaw Class.
4. No tractor may have a wheel track wider than 48 inches 
5. All tractors will have hoods.
6. No tractor may have a wheelbase exceeding 72 inches. Except Limted Outlaw Class.
7. All tractors will have grills of some type.

Exhaust Systems
1. If original muffler is not used, exhaust systems must discharge vertically.

Fuel and Fuel Containers
1. All forms of nitro methane (including nitrous oxide) are illegal as fuel or fuel additives.
2. Legal fuels are as followed: Gasoline, Alcohol, or Diesel.
3. Legal fuel additives are octane boosters, lubrication oil and alcohol (no more than twenty-five percent alcohol only pertains to Mod stock class) subject to sample.
4. No pressurized fuel tanks allowed.
5. Naturally aspirated no fuel injection.   Does Not pertain to Diesel and Open Superstock.

1. All weights must be securely fastened.
2. No weights to exceed more than eight feet from the center of the rear axle forward.
3. Weights must not interfere with the sled or hooking to the sled.
4. Anything that is separated from the tractor while hooked to the sled will be cause for disqualification.

1. No specials compound tires will be allowed.
2. No duel wheels, studded tires, or chains will be allowed.
3. No automotive tires.
4. Yard Stock Only – Tires not to exceed 26x12x12 unless larger tires came from factory.
5. Maximum garden tractor type not to exceed twelve inches in width. 24x13.50x12 tires are allowed.
6. Cutting of tires is permitted.
7. Must be OEM type tire.
8. Cepek, Pitbull, Lawntec, Vogel, Etc tires are allowed in every class.  

Seats, Fenders, and Foot Rests
1. All seats must be securely mounted. Tip back seats must be secured so as not to tip back if the tractors front rises.
2. Mandatory three inch ridged backrest with no less than forty-five degree angle.
3. Fenders on all tractors to consist of a definite barrier between the tire and the back of operator’s leg and feet.
4. All tractors must have foot pegs, pads or running boards to keep feet off of the ground and away from tires during a pull. The mid-frame in not acceptable. Feet must not touch the ground during a pull.

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