Limited Outlaw Class

1. All general rules apply.

2. Engine Limitations.

 a. Diesels: Maximum 2400cc, 4-Cycle, one turbo.

 b. Single engine upto 2550CC Maximum 4 Cylinders

 c. 2200 cc carberated twin cam allowed.

3. Superchargers on 1640 Single Cylinders Only.

4. Engines running turbo’s need head restraints at least 5/16” cable.

5. All turbo’s maximum 2” inlet and 2” outlet measured at the wheel with 2 3/8” bolts in vertical position of exhaust installed at 90 degrees to each other.

6. Diesels require air shut off to kill engine or to keep it from building boost.

7. Billet steel or aluminum flywheel is required or a scatter blanket,or blow proof bell housing if running bell housing have to run 1/4 inch block saver plate.

8. Maximum length is 8ft, from center of rear axle or furthest point forward,   maximum width center to center is 4ft.

9. Rear fenders must support driver’s weight and cover 50% of rear tires.

10. Must be at least 16 years of age to operate in the outlaw class.

11. Shielding: 1/8 inch steel ¼ inch aluminum. Shielding will run from the top of the cylinder to the bottom of the crankcase on both sides. On the front and rear on cross mounted motors. Shields must be bolted to the frame, has to cover the top of oil pan to bottom of the head full length of block.

12. Exhaust must discharge vertically.

13. Tires not to exceed 26x12x12

14. Max draw bar height of 13” on dirt, 12" on Black top subject to change.

15. All exposed turbo’s must be shrouded 360 degrees with minimum 1/16” steel except for inlet and outlet.

16. Automatic transmissions must have scatter blanket and reverse gear lockout.

17. No Inner Coolers.

18. All Harmonic balances have to either be SFI approved or 360 degree shielding & guarding bolt can't come out of crank shaft.

19.Wheelie Bars must include vertical push bar minimum of 10 inches to ground but can't interfer with hooking and unhooking.

20. All Limited Outlaw Class drivers must wear helmets and fire suits, zipped and strapped.

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