Operation of Contest

The object of the sport is to pull the weight transfer box as far as possible. This is not a timed event and the puller may use any gear that he or she chooses. 

We strive to keep the rules strict enough to ensure a highly competitive sport, under no circumstances will we knowingly allow and overpowered tractor to run in a class in which it does not belong. To help ensure this, track officials have the right to tear down a tractor if they have a reasonable doubt, if found to be illegal entry fee, points, and payback will be taken away, no exceptions.

We also have rules concerning sleds for those who want to own and operate an A.M.P.I sanctioned sled. Again like the pulling machines, under no circumstances will safety and fairness to the competition or spectators be overlooked. All sleds must be sanctioned by A.M.P.I. before it will be allowed to operate at any A.M.P.I sanctioned event. All sleds will be inspected before they will be sanctioned by A.M.P.I. Under no circumstances will A.M.P.I points be issued at non-sanctioned events or on a non-sanctioned sled. 

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