Points System

Sled sanction depends on distance and insurance.
A.M.P.I. Points System:

Place Points Earned
1st 30
2nd 27
3rd 24
4th 21
5th 18
6th 15
7th 12
8th 9
9th 6
10th and Below 3
Hook Points 3
Rain Points 3
Disqualification 0

Points go with tractor, except of sale of tractor. No points will be bought or sold. Points will be given to members only. Non-members will not be considered when adding points. Example: If a non-member gets first place and a member gets second, the member will take the first place in points.  Must Hook, if tractor can't move the sled you get 3 points for breaking.  If tractor moves the sled with its own power you get regular points. 

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