Rule Book

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The rules found in this book are the only ones recognized by A.M.P.I. and are the only ones to be used at A.M.P.I. sanctioned events. Events MUST be sanctioned with the A.M.P.I. It is everyone’s responsibility to insure that all rules are followed, and report any and all violations.

The purpose of American Mini Pullers Inc. (A.M.P.I) is to provide a safe, fair and competitive sport for the spectators and competitors. Safety always comes first and is EVERYONES CONCERN. Should you see an unsafe act at any A.M.P.I. sanctioned event please report it immediately to the track official and/or the A.M.P.I. office.

We try to provide classes for all interested parties. We have stock classes for garden tractors and riding mowers up to specialized professionally built pulling tractors. It is a great sport for anyone who loves to pull.

We feel that we have met many friends in the previous years, and looking forward to meeting many new pullers and friends this year. We are always open to any suggestions or comments that you may have. If you have questions please feel free to ask them. We would be glad to help you in any way possible. Hope to see you soon.

We believe we have a sport for all who enjoy honest fair competition. We have competitors from all age’s male and female, truly a family sport where no member needs to feel left out, so tune up your tractors and get ready we should be at your town soon.

Classes Operation of Contest Yearly Fees Points System Track Rules
Tractor Rules Safety Equipment Board of Directors Sled Drivers Tech People
Tear Down Reasons for Disqualification Stock Class Stock Altered-Mod Stock Flathead Classic Super Stock Class
Pro Stock Class Limited Outlaw Class Sleds Twenty Five Twin Stock Class Open Super Stock

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