Safety Equipment

All drivers must have enclosed foot protection,long pants and helmets in all classes. All Classes if running alchohol must wear fire suites. All helmets must be strapped and fire suits must be zipped, or Approved Fire Resistant Clothing.

Drive Lines
1. Shielding to be over belts, chains, flywheels or any moving parts including billet steel or aluminum flywheel. This is to prevent clothing from being caught in them and parts from flying into the spectators in case of breakage or parts failure. 
2. Starter pulley must be steel or aluminum.
3. Must have a device to stop pulley from coming off.

1. Shielding to be placed over all clutches. All tractors except stock will have acceptable flywheels and shielding.
2. Shielding 1/8th inch thick steel, 1/4th inch thick aluminum. 360 degrees around the clutch.

Kill Switches
1. Tractors must have working kill switches.
2. Kill switches must be in the rear end of the tractor and easily accessible, using at lease a two inch ring.
3. Required that when the kills switch is pulled it stops the electric fuel pump.Track officials may pull a kill switch before or after a pull this includes the sled operator; this is to check for proper operation only and will not be used to harass any one.
4. Diesel must have fuel dump valve, operator must be able to operate it and the sled driver must be able to pull it also. 

Stabilizer Bars
1. All tractors will have stabilizer (wheelie) bars; a stock puller will be able to compete for one weekend without wheelie bars.
2. Pads or wheels on wheelie bars will be no more than five inches off of the ground.
Pads or wheels will extend no less than five inches beyond the rear of the tires.
3.Wheelie bars must support the weight of the tractor to the heaviest class in which it will be competing .

Fire Extinguishers
1. It is required that all tractors carry a fire extinguisher.

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