Sleds (AMPI Sled 8500.00 LBS Rolling Weight)

1. All sleds must have breaks on the wheels that are capable of stopping a runaway. Wheel and box breaks may be used together in a runaway situation for the break test.

2. All pans must be capable of following the contour of the track.

3. All pans must have backboards. If used in dirt tracks there must be stone reflectors attached. The minimum width of the pan with dirt guards is 8 feet.

4. All dirt pans must have spring loaded dirt guards 30 degrees forwards, buck boards to minimum of 2 feet in height from the ground.

5. Dirt guards should contact the ground and be flexible.

6. The front bottom (leading edge) of all pans must be rounded to prevent tire climbing.

7. All pans must connect to the sled to the rear center of the pan.

8. All sleds must have staging lights.

 - Red to show out of gear or inoperable
 - Green to show in gear and ready

 - Red must not be used in case the box tops out

9. All sleds must have two sets of stops on the top of the rails. Stops must be mounted independent of each other. At least on set must make contact with the box itself.

10. All sleds must have two sets of stops at the rear of the rails independent of each other with at least one set making contact with the box itself

11. All clutches must be of the automotive type (positive engaging pressure plate and disk type are recommended, dog type or finger clutches will not be allowed. If dog type or finger clutch is present it must be permanently locked in.

12. All hooking devices will be hooked to the center of the pan.

13. All hooking devices will be of chain with a minimum cross section width of ½ inch.

14. All hooking chains will be 36 inches plus or minus one inch from point of hook on tractor.

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