Stock Altered - Mod Stock Class

1. All general rules apply.

2. Engines may be bored .030 overstock.

3. Stock stroke

4. Cams:

 a. 8hp Mod Stock - .324 inches of lift 223 degrees of duration. Mod Stock Only

 b. 10-16hp - .330 inches of lift.

5. Must have a steel flywheel.

6. Stock appearing carburetor (1.200 maximum)

7. Kohler block must maintain a cast iron intake runner.

8. Maximum one inch carburetor standoff or ram tube.

9. Single cylinder, flat head, four stroke, must maintain factory deck height. Stock crank, cam, Valve and valve locations.

10. Heads:
a. 8hp Mod Stock – Stock appearing head. Mod Stock Only

b. 10-16hp – May have any head.

11. Shielding: 1/8 inch steel ¼ inch aluminum. Shielding will run from the bottom of the cylinder to the bottom of the crankcase on both sides. On the front and rear on cross mounted motors. Shields must be bolted to the frame.

12.Tires not to exceed 26x12x12.

13 .Stock appearing Fin Block.

14. No external modification to the block, must maintain factory appearance .

15. All heads must be strapped with a permanently mounted metal bar .


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