Stock Classes

1. All general rules apply.

2. All stock tractors will use a commercially built single cylinder flat head garden tractor type engine.

3. Stock appearing carburetor (1.200 maximum)

4. Stock Cam (.324 Lift 223 Duration)

5. Stock head, factory valve location.

6. Maximum tire size 26x12x12 except from factory,  professional pulling tires allowed.

7. RPM will be checked with a club tachometer and by a club technician.

8. Must run on gas.

9. Must have factory shielding or equivalent.

10. Engines may be bored .030 overstock.

11. No other internal modifications.

12. All engines run 3800 RPM, one exception to this rule is for the 14hp and 16hp motors. They are allowed to run in the 12hp class but must run at 3200 RPM.

13. Will NOT remove oil pan.

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